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Established in 2009, MedGenesis Ltd (the creator of TARA PV) is an ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited, UK based software development company. Committed to providing exceptional pharmacovigilance and clinical safety software, TARA PV, Tools for Adverse Reaction Assessment, is our primary database solution.


The aims of Pharmacovigilance are to ensure the safety of all those who use medicinal products, medical devices and vaccines. At TARA PV, we are committed to these shared values; incorporating them into our company vision and ensuring that these aims cascade throughout our working practices. In addition, our goals within TARA PV as a brand, include continuing to provide a leading pharmacovigilance solution for our customers, whilst also understanding that we have a corporate responsibility to the environment.  


Technology and Cloud services can be considerable consumers of energy. Therefore, the Team at TARA PV are committed to evolving eco-friendly policies, with the aim of minimising our carbon footprint through good practice and appropriate usage of available technologies. Alongside the larger idash Group of companies, TARA PV is striving towards a carbon neutral future. At our headquarters, we have installed solar power technology and implemented a state-of-the-art heat reclamation system, ensuring maximum energy efficiency. We also encourage all staff to engage in an environmentally friendly approach to all activities, especially when commuting. Since joining the company, the majority of our staff have switched to fully electric vehicles and have taken advantage of our on-site electric car charging stations.  


We foster a positive and conscious culture within TARA PV and the wider Group of companies; an ethos that is understood and acted on throughout all areas of our operations. When values such as these are embodied from the top-down, it is clear to see how the TARA PV staff consistently care about our planet, our legacy and of course, our customers. 


At TARA PV, we take our corporate responsibilities seriously. By clearly outlining our intentions, we are able to ensure consistency and integrity throughout everything we do. We begin at the top; with constructive leadership, we are providing a foundation of shared values and attitudes that can be easily adopted by all those involved in our working practices. By working collaboratively with colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers we can solve problems and achieve greater results. With this in mind, we ensure that our staff are provided with any tools that they may need, all within in an excellent working environment. Our training and mentoring policies are continuously reviewed and provide the opportunity for all staff to develop within the company in order to reach their full potential. With these principles in place, we firmly believe that our staff are encouraged and empowered to strive for excellence, a strength that is present in all aspects of our work.


We are always happy to help. With our dedicated support team and software development department on hand, your needs are always at the forefront of TARA PV. 

A tier 4 secure server network hub with blue cables


Available to license on demand (SaaS) or as an on-premise software deployment, TARA PV is suitable for organisations of all sizes.


TARA PV was co-developed with idash Software and idash Solutions, providers of adaptable, scalable and complete Managed IT Services for all sized businesses. The idash Group have a team of highly skilled experts and offer a wide range of solutions ranging from Business Continuity and Data recovery, telecoms, Hosted cloud and back up, traditional hardware supply, support and consultancy. ​By collaborating with technology experts, we were able to develop an intuitive and streamlined pharmacovigilance database which has evolved into TARA PV.

The idash Group is ISO 9001 and 27001 accredited and provides one of the highest levels of security through the use of SSL encryption. They offer a comprehensive solution portfolio with deep industry knowledge, extensive technology expertise and profound customer service and as a result, TARA PV is a secure and reliable pharmacovigilance database.

When we collaborate, good things happen. Want to work with us?

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